Celtic Links

Links to other sites on the web provide an excellent outlet for discovering pages of associated intrests. Each link listed here will be in some way connected to the Celts or Celtic culture, being divided into various categorys, and in some cases, sub-categorys.

Sites of particularly exceptional quality will have a next to their explanation. Pages with this distinction are generally worth bookmarking for furthur reference.

*If you feel that a Celtic site deserves to be listed here, please contact me*

History, Culture, and General Interest

Celtic History

A fine and detailed history of the Iron Age peoples know as the Celts

The Celts

Another well researched history of the ancient Celts

Celtic History

This site includes a Celtic timeline that is worth looking at

Celtic Calender

This site is excellent and extremely bookmarkable. It gives detail into the Celtic lunar cycle and calendar as well as the four major Celtic festivals (Samhain, Imbolc, Beltane, and Lughnasadh)

Celtic Studies Resource

This site is amazing in its detail and quality. It is mainly geared towards Celtic womens studies, and provides excellent explainations on Mother Goddesses and Triple Goddesses

Celtic Nations World

This is a site dedicated to preserving and promoting Celtic culture and music in todays world


Celtic.com is an online community of pages devoted to Celtic points of intrest. In addtion, they provide both a free, and paid email service


Here we have another online community providing Celtic related pages with thier own nitch on the World Wide Web

The Celtic Cauldron

This is an all inclusive site that deals with Celtic neo paganism as well as general Celtic themes and topics.

The Celtic Cafe is a good site that links the Irish/Celtic world to current events and media happenings

Celtic Dreams
Celtic Dreams is a nice site with well designed graphics and a very pleasing layout, though some pages are still under construction

Celtc Faery
Celtic Faery is refreshing site that offer a whimsical approach to the Celts. Sections include, Celtic fonts, clipart, E greetings, and an award

Celtic Shops and Marketplaces

Celtic Merchant

A professional site where you can purchase Celtic jewelry and other related merchandise

Courtney Davis and Wild Goose Studio

Home of merchandise featuring the artwork of Courtney Davis. This shop offers everything from shirts to posters, and all at a resonable price

Celtic Jewelry by Ancient Circles

Gold, silver, and pewter jewelry inspired by ancient Celtic interlace designs. Most pieces are very inexpensive, especially those of pewter make

Dark Quest Trading

This company carries everything catering to your celtic and pagan needs, including bumper stickers


Gaelsong is a company that offers a wide range of jewelry, clothing and other gifts of a Celtic theme. They are fairly inexpensive, and seem to be quite reliable.

Celtic Language Resources

Irish Vocabulary and Grammer Drill

An excellent Java powered quiz engine that will test your Gaelic skills on several different levels

Gaelic Languages Info

A good site that offers downloads and links to help get you started on your quest to learning Gaelic

The Irish People-Learn Irish

A wonderful site that offers simple and effective Gaelic lessons online

Celtic Art, Knotwork, and Interlace

Knot Generator

This is a great interactive site that allows you to create your own Celtic knot online, best of all...it's free

Celtic Art.com (Home of Courtney Davis)

This is Courtney Davis' offical page where you can learn a bit about him as well as view his artwork

Celtic Art and Illumination

This site is very well done and includes tutorials on how to draw your own Celtic knot

Pauls Celtic Art

A nice page that features lessons on how to draw knotwork, key patterns, and spirals

Celtic Art by Celtic Lady

Celtic Lady offers Celtic clip art, fonts, and jewelry

The World of Celtic Art

The World of Celtic Art gives a general introduction to celtic artwork, tatooing and the Book of Kells

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